As a member of CPH Advantage, shopping is even more fun. You can earn and use Advantage points when shopping in many of the shops, cafes and restaurants in the airport, in the six TAX FREE shops and on

You also earn points when you book parking and access to the CPH Lounge. All you have to do is use your digital or physical membership card.

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How TO earn points

As a CPH Advantage member you automaticly earn points when you shop in stores that are part of the CPH Advantage programme. The only thing you have to do is to show your CPH Advantage membership card at the store, so they are able to scan it. Below is shown how you earn points and what your points are worth.


This is the value of your points:    1.000 points equals 15.00 DKK    |    5.000 points equals 75.00 DKK    |    10.000 points equals 150.00 DKK   

Parking with a reservation

1. Book parking at This way there's always a space for you. 

2. Enter your Advantage membership number and complete the booking.

3. Scan the QR-code on your booking confirmation at arrival and departure.

4. Earn and use your Advantage points when shopping at the airport.

Parking without a Reservation

1. Arrival

Scan your Digital CPH Advantage membership card at the barrier.
You don't need to insert the card or withdraw P-ticket.


2. Departure

Scan your Digital CPH Advantage membership card at the barrier.
Insert credit card and complete the payment.

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